News Aviation Expo - Quarter of an Hour Aviation Seminar

The meetings devoted to the aviation industry welcome all interested. This is the place to become familiar with the innovations created for light aviation.   There will also be ample topics related to flying techniques.  During live webinars, speakers will talk about their passion for flying, about business aspects of their enterprises fully based on aviation.

Each episode will feature light aviation business’ representatives, manufacturers and distributors. The meetings will be chaired by Krzysztof Krawcewicz, the editor-in-chief of the  Aviation Review.

We invited the president of the board at Aeroprakt Polska, Mr Aleksander Opoczyński, to participate in the first episode. Aeropractor puts the greatest emphasis on safety of its ultralight aircraft;  Th Aeroprakt’s latest Aeroprakt family plane - A32 model was designed and tested for over 3 years before its première.  A large part of the design efforts are also focused on aerodynamics and crew comfort.  The care for the utmost safety of Aeroprakt products is exercised through a wide programme of control flights designed to check the practical application of theoretical assumptions.

Webinars held within the scope of the Quarter of an Hour Aviation Seminar project will be held every month. The first will be on 20 January at 12:00 on the Facebook channel of the  Aviation Expo.