News Boreas Aviation at the Aviation Expo's channel

Boreas Aviaton LLC, with its seat in Piotrków Trybunalski (Poland), is the general representative of the Italian aviation manufacturers - Alpi Aviaton srl and Aero Eli Servizi srl, whose planes and helicopters are offered in Poland.
The products portfolio includes two- and four-persons PIONEER aeroplanes (more in the AIRPLANES section) and ultralight two-person helicopters SYTON (turbine propeller) and YO-YO (piston engine propelled) - see HELICOPTERS section.  

The next webinar held within the scope of the project offers the opportunity to become acquainted with the company's aviation assortment. Thus we look forward to seeing you at the Aviation Expo - "#AviationsQuarter". 

The webinar transmitted on Facebook  - join the Aviation Expo profile. Krzysztof Krawcewicz from the Aviation Review will host the session.